25 Songs to Help You Conquer Cardio

You walk in the gym towards the cubbies. You slowly deposit your keys and gym necessities and avert your eyes from the cause of your hesitation to drive to this forsaken place.

The treadmills. The elliptical machines. The stair-climbers.

You shudder and approach the dreaded objects with your head down and shoulders slumped. As you step on, you brace yourself for the 20 minutes that feel like 2 hours, the side pain, and the subtle competition of “who can go faster” with the girl to your right.

Cardio. A necessary evil.

We all have to endure it, but music most certainly helps ease the pain; instead of feeling weak, the music strengthens you. When the catchy chorus of your anthem hits, you find the will to push your treadmill speed from 7 mph to 8 mph. When the beat kicks up, you find the courage to continue for the last five minutes. You become the gym goddess because Beyoncé is on your side and nothing can stop you. You own cardio. Cardio no longer owns you.

Here are 25 songs to inspire the intense determination that cardio requires:

1. Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Sorry, not sorry that I’m killing this workout.

2. Greenlight – Pitbull

3. That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony

Yes, Fifth Harmony - your girl is thriving.

4. Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

5. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

6. Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé

Get you a girl who can run the treadmill and the world. (Me.)

7. Fergalicious – Fergie

“Up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness”? You had better believe I am.

8. Whip It – DEVO

“Whip it…into shape…” need I say more?

9. Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs

Run. Run like the wild horses.

10. Never Again – Kelly Clarkson

Never again will I eat fries before the elliptical.

11. I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) - Icona Pop

I can pretend I love it!

12. Pound the Alarm – Nicki Minaj

13. Mr. Brightside – The Killers

"But it's just a price I pay. Destiny is calling me!"

14. All the Way Up – Fat Joe and Remy Ma


15. Outta Your Mind – Lil Jon

I’m outta my mind and in my happy place right now…

16. Jump Around – House of Pain

17. It’s Tricky – RUN DMC

The stair-climber may be tricky for some… BUT NOT ME.

18. HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

Be humble…but don’t sit down. Keep going.

19. Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj, Beyonce

20. Howlin’ for You – The Black Keys

21. John Wayne – Lady Gaga

22. All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled


23. If I Can’t Have You – Kelly Clarkson

If I can’t have you [pizza] then I don’t want anyone. (Because let’s be honest – the only reason I’m here is so that I can enjoy the cheesy goodness later tonight.)

24. Get Low – Ying Yang Twins

25. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

Yes, that is what I'm living on. That, and the knowledge that cookies are waiting for me in my gym bag.


Congrats on successfully completing your cardio. You came, you conquered, now treat yourself!

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