14 Things To Spend Your Money On This Valentine's Day

So here we are again, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s around this time that sales in chocolate and cheaply made teddy bears see a spike. Either trying to impress your S/O, or going all out in a last ditch attempt to prove to yourself and the world that gifts bought for yourself feel just as good, you are probably going to spend some money this week. But regardless -- if you’re shopping for yourself or someone special, there are way better things you can spend your money on than a generic box of chocolate or a gaudy bracelet, bound to turn your wrist green the minute it makes contact with water. So if you're still searching for that perfect gift to light up their eyes, or if you just want to be more knowledgeable about some cool stuff you can spend your paycheck on, here are 14 things you can buy this Valentine’s Day


1. This super cute enamel pin that will have your S/O otterly in love with you


2. This chillingly awesome candle to remind yourself that even when love melts away, you still get an awesome metal cat skeleton that will comfort you in your hour of solitude.


3. This adorable heart themed pop socket for that clumsy S/O that drops their phone too much ...or for when you’ve finally come to terms with your own butter fingered tendencies

4. This Office themed card that captures the very essence of being single on Valentines Day, courtesy of the charming Mr. Shrute.

5. This dainty constellation necklace that will let that special someone know that yes, you actually were listening when they told you about their entire zodiac chart

6. These just as dainty chicken nugget charms that will let the world you are in a very committed relationship to a corporate food chain-- AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT

7. This bizarre-looking beard bib that will save you so much frustration if your S/O leaves behind a layer of fur every time they trim.

8. The movie Why Him with James Franco and Bryan Cranston. Because nothing makes you feel better about being single than watching a trainwreck introduction between the neurotic boyfriend and the conservative father.

9. This simple mug that just says it all

10. This adorable set of 50 affirmation cards that will add some positivity to your life every time you read one.

11. This cute sloth to let your S/O know they are the picture of lazy, but damn do they look good doing it

12. A very different kind of sloth, for when you just need someone that will drink while you rant and hold your hair at the end of the night.

13. This heart-shaped box of decadent Ferrero Chocolate’s for when your S/O has a sweet tooth and you are basic AF

14. This facemask infused with 24K gold that claims to reduce wrinkles, acne, and pull out toxins. With almost 400 positive reviews on Amazon, this mask is the ultimate way to treat yourself.


So now that your mind is racing with all the possible ways you can blow some cash, don't forget the most important part of Valentines Day...

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