13 Of My Favorite 90s Chanel Runway Looks

The one and only Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at the age of 85. Being the creative director for Chanel, Lagerfeld was a true visionary who dedicated his life to art and fashion. He was a designer who continuously amazed all of us with Chanel's stunning fashion shows. Truly nothing will compare to the art that Karl Lagerfeld created and shared with the world. Remembering Lagerfeld today, I can't help but think of all the timeless pieces he brought into the world. My personal favorite collections are from the '90s, which I truly feel was an era of its own. Each piece was iconic and just simply classic Chanel. I want to share some of my all-time favorite '90s Chanel runway looks so we can all appreciate the beauty of Lagerfeld's work. While it very is hard for me to narrow down SO many fabulous looks, I want to honor some of the most beautiful clothing that Karl Lagerfeld designed and made so many of us fall in love with.


1. Naomi Campbell in Chanel’s Spring/Summer ’95 fashion show. 


2. Chanel Fall/Winter '94 fashion show.


3. Claudia Schiffer in Chanel Spring/Summer '96.


4. Linda Evangelista for Chanel Spring/Summer '95. 


5. Kate Moss in the Chanel Spring/Summer 1994 collection.


6. Chanel Spring/Summer '94 fashion show.


7. Helena Christensen in Chanel Spring/Summer '93.


8. Linda Evangelista wearing Chanel Fall/Winter '91.


9. Naomi Campbell in Chanel Spring/Summer '94.


10. Karen Mulder wearing Chanel Spring/Summer '95.


11. Yasmeen Ghauri in Chanel Spring/Summer '95. 


12. Cindy Crawford in Chanel Spring/Summer '94.


13. Helena Christensen for the Chanel Spring/Summer 1992 collection.

Although all of these looks are solely from iconic Chanel fashion shows in the ’90s, Karl Lagerfeld continued to spend the rest of his life making a huge, and glamorous, impact on the fashion world. He has since created countless stunning collections that are to die for. The incredible growth of a luxurious brand like Chanel over the years proves the true artistic talent and abilities that Karl Lagerfeld had. He was a fashion icon that deserves to be celebrated. This may be the end of an era but his legacy will continue to live on. We will remember Karl and his contribution to fashion forever.