12 Signs You're a Diehard Pinterest Addict

Pinterest was a hit from the beginning, but its easy to see that those of us who are still avid pinners have a way we do things. It may have started with a home, wedding, fitness, fashion, food and DIY board, but our obsession has grown into so much more. We definitely started off with the intention of only pinning things that we wanted to try or buy, but as a Pinterest-aholic it's clear that our boards, or even accounts, are much more than just a digital recipe book. After assessing my own level of obsession, I have come to the conclusion that are 12 ways you KNOW you are a Pinterest addict. 

1. Your boards are your life.

Well, your dream life.

2. You lost track of the number of boards you have (or accounts) years ago.

So, what?

3. Everything is organized perfectly and it drives you crazy when you see someone accidentally pin a recipe to their fashion board.


4. When you make a new friend, and you find out they are in to Pinterest, you are more excited to follow that than their Instagram.

You can learn a lot about a person by the type of pinner they are. 

5. You pin everything that you like, even if it seems a bit scandalous, because no one is consistently watching your every move; you get to be authentically you.

Trust me, you'll want to see that again later. 

6. It's less about finding good ideas and more about aesthetic; but just in case you do find a good idea— you have a board for that, too. 

Retro, modern, or hipster?

7. When someone shows you a new meme, fashion blogger or quote, it's never new. Chances are you’ve already seen it on Pinterest so many times that you've talked yourself into or out of liking it months ago.

Thanks for that brief moment that made us feel like we understand everything there is to know about the world though.

8. You get jealous when you find someone new to follow and they have an amazing theme going on. 

The only time you actually second guess how put together you are.

9. You can’t help but think that you are a genius every time you look through your own boards, and you feel better about your life when you can go through and organize them. 

Even when adulting hits the fan, you still kind of have your sh*t together. 

10. You know if you need to kill time, you can always find something to fix or look at on Pinterest for 45 minutes or more.

We put the pro in procrastinate. 

11. You use Pinterest to look something up more often than Google.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

12. If you have a board with less than 50 pins, its probably because you started it 5 minutes ago.

As long as the internet keeps running, so will your Pinterest.