10 Minute Poetry: "Snow Globe"

"Snow Globe" by Michal Mitchell

There’s a space left on my window sill,

The dust and time are left too still,

And if I took my dreams, my thoughts,

And place them in that empty spot,

Would I shatter them to the ground?

Like snow globe chimes that no longer sound,

The dust will pile around the round

Spot where it once stood I found

That I could no longer,

I would not ponder,

Onto these thoughts that are purely sounder

In a moment of crisis, I do speak

To reflections of myself I do seek,

I look her in the eyes and say

“Take that globe and shake away”

That’s where you kept those sunken dreams,

You shake them now and then you’ll see

The snowflakes fly to paint a pretty picture,

The sound will sing a pretty whisper,

But then the snow will rest in place,

And those lovely voices are replaced

By words so frightening in your mind,

A better place and a better time

Is what you once and now only seek

How long has it been? A day, an hour, a single week?

No, it’s been years since you heard that ring,

Since those pretty voices, they did once sing,

But now you're left with broken glass,

Wash your hands, and her you ask,

“Am I still who I want to be?”

Only when you break her free.


"10 Minute Poetry" is my own weekly poet's game; one in which I write an original piece of poetry, with nothing but a given title, in ten minutes.


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