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The Reef Dining Services Staff Like a Family For Students

The Reef is a well-recognized hangout for students at USFSP, both for its dining services and its atmosphere. Some people enjoy the food and others – not so much. Something everyone loves though is the Reef staff.


Sandra & Sabrina


… And the Reef staff loves everyone, referring to the students they see as “a part of their family.” Sandra, who students and fellow food service workers call “Mama,” has been working in the Reef since August of 2016, and since then, she has made connections with students that have impacted her deeply.


“What I like about working here is the children. They are my favorite, they are very special to me, and I give them my heart,” Sandra said.


Though Sandra is like a mother to students, some of the Reef staff are the same age as those they serve, working in dining services to pay their way through college.


“This is why I’m here – because I’m a college student, and I needed some money for my tuition. Federal aid is expensive, and it’s really nice because when you are working here, you get paid in food kind of,” Sabrina said.


Executive Chef Mark Davidson & General Manager Luis Duran


“Hospitality has been a passion for me since I was a little kid. Serving people – nothing better than serving young people, like students. [It] keeps me in a young heart, and it is part of what I do. It’s my favorite thing to do,” General Manager Luis Duran said.


“Same as Luis,” Executive Chef Mark Davidson started, “I’ve been doing this since I was a young man. [I] grew up in the industry, and I love cooking. Working here at the university, with all of the young students, keeps me preparing new dishes to expose them to other things besides hamburgers and fries.”


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