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A Quick Guide For Notes- Guide For A Procrastinator By A Procrastinator

I am one to procrastinate (although I like to deny it A LOT), but this past week I learned the hard way about the importance of taking notes in a timely manner. It is almost midterms and I realized I had not taken thorough notes that will help me succeed in one of my most important classes. After an hour and a half of thinking about what to do (looking at Pinterest and watching netflix, because I am such a productive person), I sat down and started typing, because I had 6 chapters worth of notes to type up and a test the following week in Microeconomics.


  1. The first thing I did was a chapter outline; it was very basic with various sections and subsections. I prefer to use the number and list tab

2. Next, I looked over the textbook for any of the bolded text and anything highlighted. Then, I copied it down and wrote examples

3. Then I looked over my class notes and compared them to the textbook notes and I wrote anything additional down (I wrote all the complicated text, then turned around and simplified it to be as basic as possible).

4. I changed the margins to have more room on the right side of the page to annotate my notes in a pen after I print them to make it even simpler.


5. My teacher ended up giving us a study guide with a list of concepts to know, so I highlighted the topics and studied those topics.

All in all, in four days, I had accomplished writing twenty-five pages of notes. The most important thing my teacher told me was not to study the vocabulary but instead understand the concepts. Notes are very important to stay on top of and I am a very thorough person when it comes to my notes.

I really hope this was informational for a quick way to study, cram, and condense information for a test. I plan on using this method when I am in a time crunch and when I want to write notes on time.



HC- Anastasia D’Ausilio

Anastasia D'Ausilio goes to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and is a Finance and Business major. She enjoys Keeping Up With the Kardashians and binge watching multiple seasons of Netflix shows. She lives in a small dorm with 7 other people and very different personalities, which makes for very interesting stories and a possible vlog channel.
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