My Top 5 Favorite Masks

Face masks-- what a wonderful thing! Masks help in so many ways. No matter your skin type or concerns, there will be a mask for you. In this article, I share my top five favorite masks, what they do, and what key ingredients make them so great. 

1. The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask  $17 

This mask clears acne with no problem. It eliminates impurities and unwanted oil without over drying the skin. I also use this this mask as a spot treatment on days when I see a new pimple forming and want to stop it from further growth. This clay mask is made with one key ingredient: tea tree oil. If you have ever used this magical oil, you know just how amazing it is at clearing skin. That is why this mask is considered one of my favorites, plus it is 100% vegan. 

2. The Body Shop: British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask  $28

For the days when your skin needs a little extra moisture and softening, The Body Shop’s British Rose mask is the way to go. With a base of aloe vera, this mask possesses anti-aging and healing properties along with a good dose of hydration. This mask also features rosehipoil and organic rose petals. RosehipOil has become a very popular treatment recently do to its many skin benefits like fading scars and tightening skin. This mask gives your skin a beautiful dewy glow and is also 100% vegan.

3. Skinfood: Black Sugar Mask Wash Off  $10 

This Korean skin care mask is great for exfoliating the skin while leaving it hydrated and plump. The mask’s key ingredient is organic black sugar; this means the mask will mechanically exfoliate dead skin leaving skin soft and supple. The black sugar is filled with nutrients and minerals that seep into the skin giving skin a healthy glow. The hydrating properties of the mask are amazing as well; sugar is a natural humectant meaning that it takes moisture from the environment and places it into your skin. Despite being an exfoliating mask, the black sugar is very gentle, and I recommend it for sensitive skin. 

4. Fresh: Vitamin C Glow Face Mask  $62 

I love wearing this mask in the morning; the fresh citrus scent energizes me and my skin. This gel mask is rich in Vitamin C because of the oranges, lemons, and clementines found in it. Vitamin C is great for dullness and uneven skin texture, so it will produce glowing skin. 

5. Olehenriksen: Cold Plunge Pore Mask  $36 

The Cold Plunge Pore Mask is a purifying clay mask. This refreshing mask has a cooling sensation that helps promote blood circulation. Encouraging blood circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This mask’s key ingredients include Willow Herb, Snow Lotus, and Neemoil. Willow Herb helps reduce redness and calm acne ridden skin. Snow Lotus is the ingredient that promotes circulation as well as eliminating toxins. Neemoil relieves dry skin due to its richness in Vitamin E. This mask gets extra points for being vegan and the amazing color.