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Must Try Vegetarian Eats in St. Pete

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 4 and a half years now and I’m always asked the same questions. Why are you a vegetarian? How can you do it? Don’t you crave meat? The easiest way to respond is to show them my favorite vegetarian restaurants and let them see for themselves, it’s not so hard when you find the best stuff to eat.


Moon Under Water332 Beach Dr NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701

Moon Under Water is a popular English pub on Beach Drive. Surprisingly they have a bunch of vegetarian options and they are all really good. Hummus, vegetable/tofu tikha masala, a veggie burger, and vegetarian shepherd’s pie are just to name a few. My favorite item off of everything on their menu is the vegetarian shepherd’s pie (pictured above). I’ve always loved this meal when I ate meat and for me to find it at a restaurant vegetarian style makes me so happy.


Bodega– 1120 Central Ave Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33705

Okay Bodega is amazing. Most people driving by won’t even notice it. It honestly looks like a small little shack with normally a line of people outside of it. First time I went here I was apprehensive because of the outside, but honestly this place has the best tofu I’ve ever had at a restaurant. When I go I always get the vegetarian plato, which includes rice, tofu, black beans, and maduros. The tofu is firm (best kind of tofu) and it is marinated in some kind of delicious spices and sauce that just makes you want more. Other vegetarian options they have include the vegetarian sandwich and the market salad that you can add tofu to if you would like.


Meze 119– 119 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL 33701

Meze 119 is a vegetarian bistro. They have do not have any meat products. I’ve taken meat-eaters here and all of them have enjoyed the food from here. My favorite go to meal to get from here is the Moroccan BBQ Chikk’n which is delicious. It comes with the chikk’n nuggets you see above plus some sides so it makes it a nice meal. Another delicious option meat-eaters always love is the Flat Iron Stak sammie. It’s vegetarian steak that’s put in a sandwich with some veggies. I recommend both!


Red Mesa Cantina– 128 3rd St S, St Petersburg, FL 33701

I’ve saved the best for last (in my opinion). I go here at least once a week and I get the same thing almost every time. They have tons of vegetarian options, but I have two favorites. The first one that I get every time is the El Gordo burrito with tofu (pictured above). This burrito is filled with rice, beans, tofu, cheese, and some salsa. On top of it is normally their jalapeno cream sauce, but I always get it on the side so I can dip it. This is my all time favorite burrito ever. My second favorite thing here is the tofu tacos. They just come 2 tacos per order and have the tofu in it, jalapenos, pineapples, and a spicy soy based sauce on top of it all. It’s a sweet and savory mix and it is amazing! To top it off, get a margarita and your meal is complete!




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My name is Samantha Sotos and I am currently a junior at USFSP! I am majoring in Mass Communications.
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