Meet the Team: Alyssa Harmon

This semester, our wonderful team of writers and contributors has grown dramatically! One of the ladies who recently joined the team is the amazing writer and USFSP sophomore, Alyssa Harmon.

Alyssa is an English major here at our beautiful University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus. She chose to come here because of the location on the water as well as the small class sizes.

“Everyone is super friendly, and it's a small, close community,” Harmon says.

Being a military child, she has had the opportunity to travel and live in multiple states.

“I'm a military child, so I'm kind of from all over. I've lived in Idaho, Washington, Utah, California, Virginia and now I'm here in Florida,” she says.

Alyssa has been in Florida for around three years and would like to continue living here until she completes school.

Alyssa has a passion for writing and would like to one day write and publish some of her own work into books. A career goal for her is to work at a publishing company or to become an editor.

An interesting fact about Alyssa is that she is currently working to produce a book of poetry called M&M Milkshakes.

“It's a collection of my poetry about love, loss, sadness, and growth. I'm currently working on it; I have about 250 pages finished right now. My goal is to someday get that published.  It would be amazing to have people all around the country be able to relate and read to my work,” she says.

Some of Alyssa’s role models include poets such as Tom Leveille, Rupi Kaur, and R.H. Sin. They inspire her to keep writing and working on her poetry.

Her talent and love for writing led her to discover the online magazine Her Campus. She joined to meet and interact with a community of college writers who share her passion. The fact that she isn’t a journalism student didn’t deter her from joining either. She says, “. . . it is still a fun experience, and it's really cool being able to see my writing published.”

While being a member of Her Campus at USFSP, Alyssa hopes to gain experience and to learn skills she will need in her profession. 

“I hope to grow more as a writer and make connections with amazing people who also work with Her Campus.  At some point, I would like to become an editor because I feel like that would help me and give me more experience for what I want to do later in life,” she says.

Fun Facts About Alyssa:

She has played the piano since she was seven years old.

She is very good at binge watching shows on Netflix.

Welcome to the team Alyssa! We are happy to have you.


Alana Long