How I Practice Self Care

First, play this in the background.

There are three things that I know make me outrageously happy. One: going for a drive. Two: spending time with my best friends. Three: standing in an Anthropologie. But my car is currently decommissioned and that doesn't make me very happy. As far as the best friend thing, that's just plain mushy and there isn't much to say about that. So we're at number three. And you're thinking, "How does this girl derive happiness just standing in a store??" Worry not, friends, I can (try to) explain!

The environment in this store is comforting on some other-worldly level. Scented candles fill the air with warmth and pretty smells. The floor is distressed pine. The lighting is down right cozy. If you're as absurdly obsessed with paper and coffee cups as me, it's heaven for your eyes and hell for your wallet. The clothes don't even fit me right, not like I could afford them anyway, but I just like to look at them. I walk around the store and touch everything and think "when I have my life together, this is what my house will be like," and then I realize I've been standing in the store for an hour and I've "Shazamed" twenty songs they've played and now I'm starting an Anthropologie playlist. I go in the store every opportunity I'm given and I've actually only bought three things from there: a box of cute matches, a wooden box, and a tiny bottle of perfume. It's my happy place, that's all.