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4 Fun Things to do (Indoors) this Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFCA chapter.

We’re all looking forward to spending time outdoors this spring season, so get ready to pull out your spring wardrobe with all your favorite dresses, blouses, sandals, pants, and more. But also get ready to bundle up because in areas like San Francisco, you know it’s going to be quite chilly even after the winter season. 

Besides going out to the park and having a picnic or reading a book in the backyard, here are some spring activities to try out this year – indoor edition!

1. Building a lego set

You’d be hurting my feelings if you said LEGO is just for kids. Because it isn’t. With tons of new recent releases, these new LEGO sets are going to put you in the mood for spring. I recently built the flower bouquet set (10280*) which features a variety of flowers with bright and vivid colors. If you prefer a smaller set of flowers, check out the tulips (40461) or rose sets (40460). You can also find Easter themed ones, including the Easter bunny sets (and there are multiple of them!)

*These numbers are the LEGO set numbers to easily identify them and find a specific set

2. Spring cleaning

This one is a common one, but really take the time to clean your home! It’s important to declutter your study space, especially since it does help you focus on work (take it from me – I have a fairly messy room and I space out thinking about how messy it is while doing homework). Figure out what’s gotta go and what can stay. And you can make it fun too by playing music while cleaning or having someone join the process. Afterall, two is better than one :)

3. Indoor Tea party/picnic

You’ll have the urge to sit out in the sun to have a picnic, but if it’s still chilly like here in SF, you’ll probably want to stay in. So get out your finest china, or maybe nicely decorated disposable utensils and plates, and set up your table all nice and neat! Consider bringing in flowers in a vase, and decorate your desserts (maybe a cake or chocolate dipped strawberries). Don’t forget to put on your best spring outfit. The fun is in the setup process with friends and it’ll all be worth it in the end you finally get to eat the food while chatting and laughing with them.

4. making pinterest boards

You’ve heard of making Spotify playlists for each other, but what about Pinterest boards? Pinterest boards have a feature to create a collaborative board where multiple people can add to the same board much like the collaborative playlist feature in Spotify. If you’re an artsy or creative kind of person, this will be a really fun activity to do with friends. I’ve made a board for my best friend, including their favorite colors, aesthetics, and interests (and ended up sticking with a warm color palette overall with reds, oranges, and yellows). You can also make spring mood boards, gather inspiration for a new art project or for new spring outfits, or if you’re like my best friend and me, you can gather inspiration for your next creative written story.

These are only a few ideas for indoor spring activities! There are so many more options like building puzzles, picking up new hobbies, trying new cooking spring-themed recipes, and so on. Spring is a time of refreshment and taking time to do the things you love, and to get creative and inspired. Really take advantage of a beautiful season coming to town because after all, it only comes once a year (and lasts only 3-4 months)!

Ally (she/they/he) is a design major and advertising minor at the University of San Francisco. In her free time, they like watching cartoons and anime, playing video games, drawing, singing, and playing piano. Some other interests include Marvel, Star Wars, and well you guessed it, Disney and Pixar. She's been in the Bay Area, specifically South SF, her entire life and loves adventuring out into the city