What I Learned When I Stopped Wearing Makeup

I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was almost 17. I bought my first Cover Girl foundation and Wet n Wild eyebrow pencil in black (rookie mistake) and I haven’t been able to turn back since. Since then, I have stepped my product game up and learned a thing or two about how to work with what I got.

Recently I noticed that I couldn’t even step out the house without putting on some sort of makeup. I never felt insecure about my natural face, but had a problem with breakouts and scars. So, what changed in my skin care and self-awareness between never wearing make up to now?

Over spring break, I challenged myself to go without any make up for five days. During these five days, I had to work so going in without make up was a bit intimidating because beautiful girls with flawless skin surround me, or so it seems.

On my first day without make up I apologized to my friend about the crisis of breakouts on my face, as if they weren’t normal. I was uncomfortable with the way nature intended me to be. By day 3 I realized if I was going to be without makeup I had to take better care of my skin.

The skin is the outermost and biggest organ our bodies have yet, we don’t treat it with the attention and care that it needs in order to sustain its health. I first did my research based on what kind skin I have and what I feel like it needs. Although buying quality products to upkeep a thorough skin care routine can be a bit pricey for the average college student, think of it as an investment.

After almost a week without wearing makeup I became comfortable with my scars and dark spots. Although these are imperfections, they are my imperfections. There’s nothing I could do to magically make them disappear overnight. Learning to love my flaws is by no means an easy job. But, I’m stuck with myself forever whether I like it or not. As summer is quickly approaching us the glowing bare face look is going be well among us.