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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Lack of Sleep: 5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

One of the biggest struggles we face in college is lack of sleep. All-nighters have become a usual habit of ours to try and cram for tomorrow’s test or finish a paper that is due, and we go to class the next day looking like a zombie (though we hate to admit it). We even often find ourselves feeling very tired and sleepy throughout the day, and we end up staring at our books instead of actually studying. Therefore, next time you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open, follow these tips to get energized:

1.       Stretch it out:

Stretching will stimulate your body by getting the blood flowing to your muscles and alert your mind. Try to reach your hands above your head and do some torso twists to boost your energy!

2.       Keep yourself hydrated:

We all know that drinking plenty of water is good for your body; however, a new research shows that drinking water is also great for your brain as it increases your brain’s reaction time. Remember to drink cold water next time you are feeling fatigued.

3.       Jam out to your favorite song:

Pick a song that you love, put on your headphones, and turn up the volume.  Let the beat take the wheel of your drained body and wake you up.

4.       Go outside:

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin gives you a whole new feeling of eagerness as it improves your energy level and enhances your mood of studying. Go for a walk outside on a sunny day and get yourself energized!

5.       Chew mint-flavored gum:

Chewing gum helps you pay attention, so if you are feeling exhausted and sleepy, pop a piece of strong mint-flavored gum to wake you up and help you concentrate. If you can’t find some peppermint gums, try some peppermint mints.

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