Technology Transcending

Millennials are criticized for posting their life away, as opposed to living it. It might be true, but society in general is becoming digitized on its own.  We just love our technology and all of the different ways to use it. 

The big question is if this is good or if it will lead to our demise? There have been many scientific studies conducted on the logistics of technology and its relationship to humans. Just as there have been many discussions and opinions on the ethics of implementing technology in our lives. 

For example, there is an ongoing debate on sharing private information. People like Mark Zuckerberg, who thrive off of technology have come to distrust its capabilities. He and many others have started the trend of covering up their computer cameras and microphones to hinder spying attempts.

Another example, is the use and advancement of virtual reality devices. It is unbelievable what this technology can do and it offers so much promise for more. But at its core, an individual is becoming desensitized to the outside environment, physically and some times mentally. 

A main fear that tends to be played out in film or television is the loss of control. This could be of the individual's self or on reality. Netflix's series, "Black Mirrors", capitalizes on this basis and challenges viewers to question their role with technology, especially in the future. 

The newest season was released Oct. 21.


It was a fantastic advertisement, from a PR perspective, but seriously how creepy was that? Besides the fact that the people looked like zombies, like literally out of "The Walking Dead", they were mindlessly consumed by technology 

The show is actually pretty good, but the concept is nevertheless freaky. It may not be the terminators coming from the future to destroy us, but it definitely makes you want to unplug and enjoy life a little more.