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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

With all that is consuming us amid the pandemic and being quarantined, we can easily get into the habit of wearing pajamas, loungewear and athleisure daily. Some of us may not have even tried to get ready to go anywhere in weeks! I figured, what better way to get me a little more excited for spring than to go to Target and spend copious amounts of money that I probably shouldn’t, but definitely will.

As I perused the racks for things that catch my eye, it officially dawned on me, I am a little vintage hippy gal at heart. I have tried for years to find my style. I rocked Hollister for years in high school, and then after high school hit, I had no fashion identity at all, which is strange considering I use to be a fashion major! Over the past year, I tried to be a little gothic chick, but that didn’t suit me, until one day I decided, “Why not vintage?” I loved clothes from the 1960-70s. It’s exactly the style I like to emulate and the type of clothing that’s both incredibly simple, but also sexy with a touch of moderation.

These styles that I managed to pick up exclusively at Target were exactly what I needed to start my spring/summer 2020 wardrobe! Disclaimer, my earrings are sadly not from Target, but I have no doubt that you will find some amazing pieces there!

One of the main elements you will notice in these outfits are that they are incredibly carefree, loose and light with the softest touches of natural accents. The world is loving jumpsuits right now, and you should be as well because they are the most comfortable and easy things to wear during this quarantine and all your Zoom dates!

This is me and my cat, Luna, posed in the A New Day women’s sleeveless linen jumpsuit in the shade coral. It is currently also sold in black and beige, as well as plus sizes!

girl sitting on windowsill
Brianna Allred
I paired the outfit with the Universal Thread women’s violet mules in tan, which are also sold in black, cheetah, snakeskin and checkered.

shoes and plants
Brianna Allred
This is me, and Luna again, feeling incredibly casual and cute in the Universal Thread women’s sleeveless square neck belted overalls in the color Olive. This is also sold in the colors black and natural and in plus sizes!

girl with cat
Brianna Allred
I chose a simple pair of slip on sandals that come in the colors black, brown and cognac, which is the color paired with this outfit!

cat and plants
Brianna Allred
Lastly, I wanted to get a little picturesque and pose with my most prized possessions (well almost all of them) near my easel and baby plants.

girl sitting on floor
Brianna Allred
I’m wearing the Universal Thread women’s mid rise sleeveless ankle length straight leg jumpsuit in brown. I paired this outfit with a pair of brown leather flats that I had also purchased at the time, but are no longer offered on Target’s website. Unfortunately, this jumpsuit is not offered in plus size ranges.

shoes with plants
Brianna Allred

I'm Brianna, Brie for short; but you can basically call me anything. I am a Health Science major here at USF and am looking to broaden my horizons and let my creative soul flow. My birthday is January 20; I am a cusp baby, I fall between Capricorn and Aquarius, and the definition of Aquaricorn is the most accurate representation of me I have ever read. I have been involved in collaging, painting, and crafting my entire life. There wasn't a time when my room didn't have stickers or paints everywhere. As a teenager, I lined the walls of my room in Teen Vogue pages and made the ultimate vision board. I love to read and if anything catches my eye, I research it! Be prepared for many articles that are all over the grid. I am a very fun, enthusiastic, and spirited person that loves to meet people, know their story, and figure out who I can leave a little sparkle in their life. I have never had a problem with talking about how I feel or what I like, so there will never be a dull moment when it comes to what I say or write. P.S. My three favorite things are the color yellow, books, and fireworks/flowers. Fireworks are basically flowers in the sky to me.
Hey! My name is Leticia and I am the Campus Correspondents here at USF. I am graduating in MAY (omg) with a degree in Advertising and PR. I am originally from Brazil, needless to say, I LOVE the beach and being outside! I enjoy everything from make-up to fitness and sports. In my free time you can find me thrifting, playing photographer, or at home with my hubby binging Netflix.