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Brianna Allred

USF '21

I'm Brianna, Brie for short; but you can basically call me anything. I am a Health Science major here at USF and am looking to broaden my horizons and let my creative soul flow. My birthday is January 20; I am a cusp baby, I fall between Capricorn and Aquarius, and the definition of Aquaricorn is the most accurate representation of me I have ever read.
I have been involved in collaging, painting, and crafting my entire life. There wasn't a time when my room didn't have stickers or paints everywhere. As a teenager, I lined the walls of my room in Teen Vogue pages and made the ultimate vision board. I love to read and if anything catches my eye, I research it! Be prepared for many articles that are all over the grid.
I am a very fun, enthusiastic, and spirited person that loves to meet people, know their story, and figure out who I can leave a little sparkle in their life. I have never had a problem with talking about how I feel or what I like, so there will never be a dull moment when it comes to what I say or write.

My three favorite things are the color yellow, books, and fireworks/flowers. Fireworks are basically flowers in the sky to me.