The Most Dangerous Game: Dating

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You know, it’s great when you first meet a guy and he has your heart skipping beats, but we all know that feeling does not last. Ladies, how many of you suffer from the “I still love him” syndrome? It’s okay if you still do. Do not let him keep coming back as if your life is like a revolving door; he keeps walking in only to walk out again.  

You’re more than a doormat and you deserve to be cherished like the queen you are. If he has you overthinking and stressing out, let him go.

Do not lie to yourself and say that the weight you put on is “happy weight.” That weight is the delusional, stressing-eating, reoccurring-migraines weight. What you can do to drop a few pounds is let him go.

It’s 2018 and we are not entertaining anything or anybody that is not helping us level up in life. When he has you saying stuff like this:  

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Drop him like a hot plate fresh out of the microwave. You should not need to beg for his attention. When he first wanted you, he could not get enough of you, right? Then, once he had you where he wanted you, he lost interest and it took longer to hear from him than usual.

When he constantly has you on your toes and has your mind racing, that “I love you” starts to get stuck in your throat, and you slowly start to suffocate. When you allow him to continuously feed you lies, as if those lies are your last meal, you start to choke on “I love you.” But, with every breath you lose, the less those three simple words mean.

Do not give him the satisfaction of witnessing you questioning your worth. Like Eve, you were created as a gift to mankind, an unparalleled specimen. You should never allow a man to make you feel less than. You will forever be more than he could ever imagine.

So, next time he does something to make you question his faithfulness and/or character, tell him something like this:

Photo: Alexandria Alexander

After you press send, wipe your tears and put a smile on your face. It’s okay to let chapters of your life end. How do you think some of the greatest life stories came to be? For you to experience the earth-shattering, bone-quaking parts of life, you must let go of whatever is holding you back. Remember, 2018 is all about leveling up, not being pushed back. When you’re ready, you’re going to break this vicious cycle of saying “I love you” to a man that does not have it in his heart to love you the same way. Just remember, when one thing ends, it’s time for something else to begin. Your life will continue without him. Set him free.

Photo: Pixabay