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As the year starts and a new semester rolls in, the stress also comes flooding back. More classes, new professors, and the stress of a global pandemic can take a heavier toll on us than we might realize.

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There are several methods of coping with stress, yet one of the easiest and most accessible is meditation. Whether it be ten minutes of sitting in bed after waking up or soaking up the sun outside for an hour, meditation can reduce anxiety, increase self-awareness, and calm the mind.

Many people enjoy the quietness of their surroundings or the sounds of nature, but for those who enjoy soothing music with lyrics, here is a list of eight songs that can make your meditation all the more relaxing and enjoyable:

Visions of Gideon - Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens’ hushed tone, intelligent lyrics, and magical combination of instruments make his entire discography perfect for a moment of relaxation in times of stress.

Alewife - Clairo

As soon as the first note in Alewife begins, the captivating piano mixed with double-track vocals allows Clairo to capture the listener’s attention and melt into the story she narrates.

Tightrope - ZAYN

The perfect blend of soothing vocals, sweet lyrics, and a calming yet bouncy rhythm is perfect to wake up the body in the morning.

The Good Side - Troye Sivan

To begin the day with ease, Sivan’s strumming guitar and mystical lyrics soothe the mind and calm the senses.

i love you - Billie Eilish

This soft track displays the reason Eilish has taken the world by storm; her silk-like voice and the production of her music lure in her audience, breaking the norm and changing all the rules.

From the Dining Table - Harry Styles

The slow strings of the acoustic guitar combined with near-whispering vocals make this song a perfect addition to your meditation playlist.

A World Alone - Lorde

In this song from her debut album Pure Heroine, Lorde shows the world the power of magic-like instrumentals and lyrics by giving insight into the troubles experienced by the youth.

The Other Side - Conan Gray

Gray’s soft acoustics and vivid words make this song perfect for watching the sunrise with a cup of tea in-hand.

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My name is Maria and I am a senior at USF studying Integrated Public Relations & Advertising and French.
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