From Intern to Boss Babe: How Natasha Samuel Built Sol Studio

USF senior Natasha Samuel wore many hats in her undergraduate career as an intern.

She has held the titles of Junior Account Coordinator, Digital Marketing Coordinator and even held a summer position with a Tampa media group. But, in the summer of 2017, she wanted more for herself.

“I started contemplating the idea when I ended my internship,” says Samuel. “After my second study aboard trip, I was really inspired that I didn’t want to have a 9:00 to 5:00 (job) and that I wanted the freedom to travel.”

And so, Sol Studio was born. Samuel says the business offers everything from social media management, graphic design, web design, email marketing to blogging.

Sol Studio’s name was inspired by her upbringing in the Sunshine State. “Sol” is the Spanish word for sun and Samuel talks often about her ambitions to live in Spain in the future.

Photo: Natasha Samuel

This #bossbabe says her experience as a female entrepreneur has overall been very positive. She says her largest group of supporters have been other women, as well as female entrepreneurs offering advice and help.

In February, Samuel attended Marketing on Main, a networking event in Sarasota, Florida, aimed at connecting business leaders. She said initially she felt nervous because she did not want to be perceived as young and therefore not knowledgeable, but overwhelmingly, many people there welcomed her into the business world. 

Photo: Natasha Samuel

Currently, Sol Studio currently offers services to four clients, in various industries. One of her clients, Better Drinking Culture, is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company aims to help people drink healthier through education #BecauseHangoversSuck.

In May, Natasha will graduate from USF with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, concentrating in Public Relations. The 21-year-old business owner is accepting clients for the summer and looking for an intern to help.

Photo: Summer Holtz

“…I knew I wanted to be able to mentor and help someone in the same way I was mentored through my internship experiences,” says Samuel.

If you’d like to learn more about Natasha and Sol Studio, visit her website at or visit Sol Studio on Instagram @solstudiomarketing.