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French or Korean Skincare? Why Not Both?

I’m one of many people who have coped with the pandemic by diving into skincare-related videos on YouTube. Through the conquest to discover high-quality products I found helpful YouTubers whose recommendations I’ve benefited from. While I have enjoyed US-based skincare I wanted to experiment with formulas from across the pond, both the Atlantic and Pacific.

It started in April 2020 when I was running out of my usual routine. I first visited Stylevana, an online K-beauty store mentioned in Hyram Yarbro’s video where he discusses the Korean skincare brand iUnik. I decided to try their products along with some others I discovered on my search. What is unique about Korean skincare is that they include beneficial ingredients that are less common in western items such as galactomyces, snail secretion, centella asatica, and green tea.

French and K-Beauty products
Original photo by Bianca Alfaro-Barber

I started running out of my K-beauty and began to move on to my next region of products. I tried my first round of French skincare when I visited Strasburg with my sister and she got me an Avène hydrating mask for Christmas that I loved immediately. I came across this video from a dermatologist where she discusses the top ten products from that company. She goes in to explain the soothing benefits of the French thermal spring water which is in all Avène products, so I decided to give more of their merchandise a try. 

Avene products
Original photo by Bianca Alfaro-Barber

Skincare should be fun and as long as you’re careful about the active ingredients being used, and you can mix and match brands from around the world. I experienced for myself the benefit from the unique ingredients in French and Korean skincare, and encourage you all to do the same.

Bianca is a junior at the University of South Florida in Tampa studying Psychology. She is also a Licensed Esthetician who completed the Facial Specialty program at the University of South Florida. She is passionate about skincare and beauty. She is a Navy brat and enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.
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