Filipino Street Food

Street food in the Philippines is a huge part of their culture. It is unlike anything we experience here in the U.S. even through the rise of food trucks. Street food is cheap and varies greatly, it is served out of small carts with grills, steamers, or some other cooking apparatus attached, and it can be found all throughout the Philippines. Here are five street foods that everyone should know about.


1. Balut

Balut is a fertilized duck egg that is boiled with the intact fetus inside. It can be very strange to foreigners but it is considered to be delicious by many.



2. Isaw


Isaw is chicken intestines that are commonly grilled on a stick. They are thoroughly cleaned before being cooked and can be really good eating.




3. Fishballs


Think meatball but made of fish. These deep fried snacks are relatively bland but are served with sauces that add flavor and make for a great treat.




4. Banana-Que


Deep fried banana in a caramelized sugar coating poked through with a BBQ stick, one of the sweetest snacks you can get on the streets.




5. Siomai


Steamed dumplings made with different types of meat, all are amazing.