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Cooking With the Dietitians

Collegiettes™, tight budgets can often cause us students to cut corners on groceries. Full schedules can leave little time to prepare a satisfying meal at home. When it comes to food, we can easily grab the quickest and cheapest item to hold us over during class, whether it’s from the vending machine or from the minimart in the gas station.

Let’s face it – eating healthy isn’t always the first thing on a college student’s list of priorities.

While this may be true, USF understands! That’s why USF Dining and the registered dietitians from Wellness Education are teaming up to hold a session called “Cooking With the Dietitians”. Join them as they prepare a FREE meal with all of the participants and answer our nutrition-related questions! Their goal is to teach students how to prepare a healthy meal on a college budget. It’s like cooking classes suited for our specific needs!

Half of the time healthy food choices don’t seem appetizing because we don’t know how to prepare them. Or maybe we want to eat right but putting all of the ingredients together takes too much time. The registered dietitians from Wellness Education have created an opportunity for everyone to learn new and innovative techniques for preparing food!

This event is a series of sessions only held eight times during the semester. Come join them in their next session this Wednesday March 11, 2015.

Each session is only open to the first 10 students to sign up. You can sign up by clicking on the link here


Hope to see you there!

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