Chemical Peels: Quick Fix, Or Nah?

Is there really a quick fix for acne, scarring, zits, and the excessive drying or oiliness? You know what they say about short cuts… I’m really not sure how the actual saying goes but I just know that they will always come back to bite you. That can apply to many of aspects of life. As far as skin care goes, no there isn’t a short cut for great skin. Everything is a process, especially the healing. But there is something that can give you the best results you’ve ever had compared to any dermatological doctor visit, over-the-counter products can ever give you.


Chemical peels are known to do wonders for the skin. There are countless success stories for people who’ve had acne so bad that they’ve been on Acutane, but once they tried a chemical, the acne disappeared. It goes for those that have struggled with hyperpigmentation, especially POC. They have seen their skin transform in the matter of days and weeks.


What is a chemical skin peel exactly? It is a chemical acid, sounds scary I know-but it’s not, that improves the look of your skin by removing the top layer of your skin and exposes the new fresh skin, that is usually softer, clearer, and smoother.


There are numerous types of peels. Each type of peel has its own function on what it is supposed to do to your skin. There are peels for acne, scars, wrinkles etc. There are also levels to this. What I mean is there are different concentrations: the lower the percentage the less potent it is, the higher the percentage the greater the concentration. It is a smart thing to build your way to the top, rather than start from a high number and burn your skin. It is recommended that once you’ve used a lower percentage with success, go to the following percentage.


I am currently doing a chemical peel. After countless research and an entire year of debating if I should purchase it, I did. MakeupArtistChoice is an online skin care website that makes their own products. They are known for their amazing chemical peels, especially on YouTube. Their website is very informative.

For a newbie like me, the website had tons of information, and testimonials. What helped me the most was knowing exactly what my skin problem was. Once I discovered the problem, I search what peel was best for it. Reading the reviews helped a lot as well.


The healing process for chemical peels can before from a couple of days to about 2 weeks. It all depends on what type of peel it is because some peels require no downtime while other peels will cause you to stay indoors for 6-7 days.


Chemical peels aren’t short cuts to great skin, but the results you’ll get from it will shut down any old regimen you had that gave you minimal to no results. So do your research, watch videos, read testimonials and decide whether chemical peels are something you want to incorporate into your skin care routine.