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3 Tips to Combat End-of-The-Semester Stress for Ultimate Relaxation

As the semester continues to wind down, the overload of assignments, exams and the need to get grades finalized for the end of the semester may be winding some of us up. It’s good to get an idea of things that work for you to help keep you from folding under the pressure. Here are some tips that I use for personal relaxation, but it’s optimal to figure out what helps you best.


Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are something that I’ve learned from family that can calm your nerves and ultimately, just tastes good and makes you feel good. This is an old home-remedy to help with stress.

I did some research on the specific herbal teas that have direct calming effects. Peppermint tea, which is my personal favorite tea, was first on the list, along with chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, green tea and others. Warm herbal drinks naturally help relax your muscles.

Photo: Rebecca Lee

Write it Down

When overwhelmed and swamped with work, it’s good to keep an agenda or a to-do list. This way, when many things are going through your mind, you won’t forget about something and miss a deadline. Some people use dry-erase calendars, but I personally like to keep a pocket agenda so I can take note of things I have to do as I think of them through the day. If you want to stay very organized, having both is a good idea. Keeping track of dates and obligations in any way can deter the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Photo: Rebecca Lee

Eat, Sleep and Stretch

What may be the most important key to keeping yourself together during stressful times is by practicing good life habits and doing what it takes to keep your body healthy and your chakras aligned. One of the things that help me is time management, especially when it comes to getting enough sleep, taking time out of the morning to stretch, staying hydrated and finding the time to remain active. When your mind feels stressed, that puts a lot of physical stress on your body as well. Getting your mind and body accustomed to healthy habits and sticking to them is very beneficial, even when you aren’t necessarily stressed out.

Try different things to figure out what works best for you when you’re under a lot of pressure, make note of the things that work, figure how to include them in your everyday schedule and stick to them.

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I am a mass comm/print journalism major at The University of South Florida with a sociology minor expecting to graduate in May of 2020. I am an activist, ally, womanist, coffee enthusiast, ravenclaw and an aquarius. 
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