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3 DIY Grad Cap Designs to Inspire You This Grad Season

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It’s that time of year again—students are preparing for finals, signing up for next semester’s classes or getting ready for graduation. There’s nothing like walking across the stage in a cap and gown, wearing cords and medals earned through hard work. Students also like to show their personality at graduation by decorating their cap.

Every student tries to be unique when decorating their cap, by either writing cute and meaningful quotes, a funny saying or displaying their major.

Deciding on a grad cap design can be hard, especially if crafting isn’t one’s forte. Go to Pinterest, Instagram, Google or ask friends to help you come up with ideas to put on your cap. To get the essentials, head over to Michael’s or a local craft store to pick up any materials.

A simple and cute quote doesn’t require a difficult design. Choose a meaningful quote to put on the cap, add a basic background and paint or stick on letters. Only using two colors and placing the words in the middle with the designs in the corner make the cap totally cute.

You can also go with a funny design that is still easy to create. Movies are packed with funny quotes that can be used to inspire graduation caps. Again, a plain background with cut out words and a few cutout pictures is all you need and everyone will be jealous of your cute and relatable cap.

Displaying your major is also a way to create a beautiful graduation cap that highlights your achievements. Begin with a plain background and add rhinestones to the border of the entire cap and cut out a few words. Rhinestones can also be used to write your college and major. This design, as well as the others, only require scissors, glue, letters and any extra decorations.

Graduation caps are always a joy to make. When creating the graduation cap of your dreams, remember to let your personality shine through and go with the flow. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite design was and how you’re designing your graduation cap.

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