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Oh, the end of the Spring semester. The height of assignments being due, stress from wrapping up midterms, and summer just beginning. 

During this time, while you might be preoccupied with assignments and other end of the year stressors, it’s vital you don’t forget about registration. 

Registration allows for students to choose their classes in the upcoming semesters. In the spring, that means both summer and fall! 

As a junior in college, here are my suggestions to ensure that the registration process goes smoothly. 

Research your classes early! 

The schedule for the future semester starts to get posted over a month before registration opens. Research what could be available for upcoming semesters and start to get a plan in order. Doing this early lets you chill out when you get closer to registration, already knowing what you need to take well in advance. 

Meet with your advisors ASAP

Advisors always encourage their students to meet with them when planning classes and other academic and career opportunities. Meet with them! It’s what they’re here for. I suggest you meet with your advisors as soon as possible when planning for classes. If you have an idea. For your classes, meet with them. For instance, I planned what I needed to take in February, not having to deal with the rush to advisors closer to the registration date. 

In fact, meeting with your advisors also could change your plans on what to take, like how I learned I could take my capstone class early!

Know if you need permits.

For a lot of classes, permits are required to register. Apply for permits as soon as you know they’re required so you can easily register for classes. If it’s been more than a week and your permit still hasn’t been approved, email your advisor. 

Make multiple class schedules. 

While it’s not ideal to not get the classes you want, it’s imperative you make multiple class plans just in case a class fills up. For instance, as an honors student, I have classes with less than 20 students that fill up immediately when registration opens. 


This might be the most important tip I have but please register for classes as soon as possible. Registering for classes when your time opens gives you the best chance to be in all the classes you want. Additionally, this also gives you more time to watch if someone drops a class you really want. There is even an app called Coursicle which lets you monitor course sections and sends you notifications if someone drops a class.

Hi! My name is Penelope, but everyone calls me Penny. I am an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida majoring in marketing and integrated PR and advertising. I'm a proud, communicative Gemini, who is excited to share on Her Campus! Some of my interests include watching movies (I consider myself an 80's movie aficionado), listening to music, going to concerts, and following hockey.
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