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Whether the conversation occurs after a hard break up or during a deep talk with friends, at some point we have all had the “does love exist?” conversation. Sometimes it is easier to answer the question than it is at other times.


The truth is, the concept of love is subjective. Every person has a different relationship with love, because everyone has different values, and values are the basis of the perception of love. To some people, love is measured by the amount of money someone spends on them. To others, it is how much a person sacrifices to be with them. However, most commonly, people think love is when a person is unconditionally caring.



Which leads me to a question: how do you define what love really is? If love is as subjective as it truly seems, then how do any of us really know if we are in love? We all as individuals have differing opinions on what love is, and while none of us are wrong, none of us are right either. There is no definition of what love is. People may have similar values that make them agree on what love is, but that does not mean that their definition is universal. How do we even begin to question the existence of something that we can’t even define?


I mean, the idea of love, in itself, is a strange one. It’s all about trying to make a connection with someone through the most painful trial and error process: dating. Dating involves getting to know someone so well, to the point that you and your partner mold together into one. However, you go through this long process hoping for a happy ending, but the majority of time, it does not end that way. I guess that is why it is called a breakup; you and your partner literally break apart from each other’s intertwined lives and go separate ways. Why do we subject ourselves to this pain?



All of this leads me back to my original question: does love exist? I conclude that yes it does exists. If there was not some hope that love exists, people would stop subjecting themselves to the painful process of dating. Obviously though, people continue to try to find love. Even if it is some elaborate delusion that have been implemented into society and not a natural emotion, it exists in some capacity. Strong human emotions are a powerful force in the universe. However, what people decide to do with love depends on the individual.


Some people will fall in love and marry for life. Others will fall in and out of love multiple times with many people. And some may condemn love all together and never subject themselves to the ritual. But to deny the existence altogether would be a disservice to the world. For even if you yourself do not believe in love, to imagine a world without even the hope of love is too large a burden to bear.

I am a freshman Communication major at the University of Southern California and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Writing, Netflix, and Music are what my life consists of.
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