7 Makeup Looks to Try This Semester

Makeup is a comfort to many people. It allows them to feel confident in their skin and therefore able to focus on being the best version of themselves. Of course, some prefer not to wear makeup and are just as comfortable that way too. Regardless of whether makeup is a must, it is undeniable that painting your face is as artistic as painting a canvas.


Like with art, there are different artistic styles for makeup application. There can be minimalist makeup such as “no makeup makeup,” pop art makeup with bright colors, cubism makeup with strong contour, and contemporary makeup with unique and trendy details. Regardless of how you usually choose to paint your face, this semester it’s time to refresh your makeup look by trying new styles. 2017 is the year of minimalism, a look that started developing at the end of 2016. Simple makeup that manages to stand out is the goal and these seven makeup looks are sure to help you achieve such a look.


1. “No Makeup” Makeup


This look comes and goes; it made an appearance last year as well. However, this classic style is easy to try and guaranteed to score you compliments. This makeup style is focused on bringing out the best aspects of your natural beauty while providing the comfort of some coverage. Overall a must try, especially with much of the modest, minimalist style that is predicted to be popular in 2017.


2. Bare Face, Bold Red


Everyone knows the classic red lip cat eye look. It’s a classic. However, this is a more modern take that adds a bit more edge to the glam look. By stripping away eye-makeup, all the attention is on the bold power of the red lips. The bold red also pairs well with strong, full brows.


3. Holographic Highlight


This look is inspired by one specific product: Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick. The alien like purple sheen, is eye catching iin a subtle way. People are sure to comment on the other worldly quality of this look. For added shine apply the stick to your eyelids and lips; this is sure to stand out. And the cream formula of the stick glides on skin with ease, making it a quality product.


4. Extra Dewy


As Glossier says, “Moisturized is the new matte.” Embrace healthy skin with dewy looks. This type of makeup makes skin look young, fresh, and provides a natural glow without highlight. Achieve this look by taking good care of your skin, specifically by moisturizing, exfoliating regularly, and drinking lots of water. The dewy look comes natural for many, but if you have dry skin Glossier has a Priming Moisturizer in Rich that will provide a natural looking effect.


5. Jewel Tone Shadow


Who says blue shadow can’t be tasteful? Bright jewel tone shadows, pared with minimal makeup creates a dynamic look perfect for a concert or art show. The look may be a little dramatic for most people to execute in everyday life, but it’s perfect to add a little punk edge to any look.


6. Glitter Shadow


Ever wanted to feel like a fairy at a party? Dump glitter on your eyelids and go out! Glitter shadow seems intimidating, but in the muted lighting of parties, it adds just the right amount of shine to catch the light when you blink. You will be showered in compliments while feeling incredibly ethereal.


7. Subtle Smoke, High Gloss


For those who feel overwhelmed by a full smokey eye, smudged liner is the way to go. To add edge without completely going punk, apply black liner to smudge out, paired with glossy natural lips. With a pink flush the look is effortlessly cool and feminine all at once.