10 Classes You Must Take Before You Graduate

USC offers several unique courses each semester. With the option to learn about subjects such as cinema, physical education, and music industry, it will be worth your while to take that extra two unit course. Get the most out of your tuition and check out some of the raddest classes at USC:

1. PHED-115: Surfing

Nothing screams University of Southern California more than a surfing class. Practice the fundamentals of surfing, learn how to choose a board, and embrace the surf culture. Surfing is held on Fridays only for two hours each week. Good luck registering for this course - it fills up extremely fast.



2.  THTR-423: Magic

Yes, there is a class that will teach you that card trick you tried to perfect in the fourth grade. The course is in the theatre department and aims to teach the history of magic, as well as how to perform tricks. The class is held for three hours each Friday. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll learn how to vanish just before your two biology midterms.   

3.  THTR-474: Introduction to Stand Up Comedy

Do you think you’re funny? Try out this stand up comedy class. Throughout the semester, you will write your own jokes and create full stand up routines. And hey, if no one laughs at your jokes, hopefully you’ll at least enjoy your classmates’ acts. The class is held every Friday for three hours.  

4.  MUSC-422: The Beatles: Their Music and Their Times

If you “get by with a little help from [your] friends,” take this class with your fellow Beatles junkies. Learn about all things The Beatles from their lyrics, to their music, techniques, strategies, and more. The class is offered four hours a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.


5.  DANC-362: Pilates Mat Training

Look beyond the physical education category on WebReg for a killer workout class. The new Kaufman Dance School is offering a pilates class - and if it’s meant for dancers, you better believe it will be a strenuous workout. Definitely a challenge worth taking. The course is offered three hours a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

6.  DANC-187: Bollywood Dance

Explore the wonders of Bollywood through this dance course inspired by Indian film. Traditional Bollywood dance incorporates Indian folk with hip hop, latin, jazz, and Middle-eastern dance. The course is sure to have high energy, lots of movement, and fun music. It is held three hours a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



7.  CTCS-466: Theatrical Film Symposium

A perk of attending USC: Hollywood connections. Watch films before they premiere in theaters and hear from a diverse group of guest speakers including directors, actors, producers, and more. The class runs for four hours each Thursday night - just don’t be late and make sure to keep your phone in your backpack, they’re strict.  

8.  CTPR-422: Makeup for Motion Pictures

Yes, a class that teaches makeup. Don’t be fooled, it’s more than just applying a little blush and a tinted lipstick. Be prepared to create horror film-inspired full make-overs. Check it out every Friday for two hours.

9.  COMM-396: Fashion, Media and Culture

Calling all USC fashionistas! This course explores how fashion shapes identity and culture. In the heart of LA, learn how fashion is a form of both communication and culture - an imperative part of society. Take this class three hours a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

10. MPGU-120: Beginning Pop/Rock Guitar

For all those still wishing to become a rockstar - or at least be able to play the guitar for your friends by a campfire - it’s not too late. Take this beginners course in guitar and learn the technique of how to play pop/rock guitar songs, including those from The Beatles and Dave Matthews. The course is two hours a week on various days.  


Use your 18 units wisely. Go wild, and dance your way through the upcoming spring semester.