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Post-Easter Fitness Tips!

Quick! Finish off all that Easter chocolate before you follow these post-Easter tips to make sure you look and feel great!

YouTube study break workouts!

Through procrastinating my Week 5 essays, I discovered that YouTube has much more to offer me than just clips from The Ellen Show, episodes of 19 Kids and Counting and Cheer Perfection (what would we do without America’s TLC?). There is actually a heap of great videos online that help you through 5-10 minute workouts (perfect for short study breaks!) that you can do in your bedroom! This one is one of my favourites for being short and sweet and makes your muscles burn the next day!

Set yourself a challenge!

With the cooler months approaching, it’s the perfect time to dig out your running shoes and get training for all those charity fun runs and races usually held through late winter and into spring. If you haven’t ran since your school’s cross country days, sign up for a 5km event. Why not get a group of friends involved for a day you won’t regret? Visit the Sunshine Coast Marathon website for details on how to enter this local event, or the Running Calendar to find other Queensland events!

Put it in your diary!

We all know how important exercise is and how great it makes us feel, but sometimes we just need that extra boost of motivation. If you’re a person that uses a diary to schedule in work, uni, and other appointments, you should try scheduling in exercise. If you write it in, you’re more likely to do it! Another trick is to mix it up; don’t do the same things in each workout. Form a workout group with a few friends and take turns leading workout sessions!

Michaela is a second year Communication student at the University of the Sunshine Coast, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Public Relations. She chose this degree because she has a passion for writing and editing. Her dream job would be one where she can write for national and international media, while being paid to travel and eat the best food the world has to offer. Michaela's other passions include travel, cooking and running. The next places on her list to visit are USA and Canada, then southern Africa. 
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