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5 Must-Haves for Graduation!

Graduation is a rite of passage through to the “real world” and we all have to do it sometime! But to be prepared, here’s five things you need to have to look awesome up on stage, cuz’ you’re going to be photographed! No one wants frizzy hair, bad skin or that awkward moment you trip and fall on your face…etc. Trust us, with these five awesome things, you’ll only be on a trip to freedom and your career!

1. Good Hair

The number one thing you must have on Graduation Day is gorgeous locks! For girls, have your hair done, curled or ironed, but whatever you don’t wear it up because you’ll be wearing a graduation cap! It will definetly ruin your up do! And for boys, if you have short hair you’ll be sweet… Just a little hair wax and some styling. But if you have longer hair, wash it! Then put leave-in conditioner through your hair. There’s nothing worse than frizzy unwashed hair!

2. Bright coloured or patterned shoes


Everyone always says “Wear great shoes because that’s all you can see in stage!” And they be right! Once your in stage your robes will cover your whole outfit so it’s a must to wear an awesome pair of either bright coloured shoes or patterend shoes – something that stands out! The boys never seem to go for bright shoes but crazy would it be if they did?

3. Flawless Skin (fingers crossed!)

The next thing on your graduation list has to be your skin. No joke! A few days leading up to the big event get yourself some food make-up wipes, Witch Hazel and a moisturising cream for your face! Moisturising is the key to soft and beautiful skin! Then on the day of the event make sure you put in your make-up about one – two hours before you leave, that way it’s fresh. You don’t want to be re-applying your make-up later in the day because it can look cakey… Boys we know you don’t wear make-up but you should definetly make an effort to moisturise your skin the night before and washing your face before you leave! You have to look good too!

4. Smelling Great

The I next thing you need? A subtle-smelling deodorant and a perfume or cologne that always smells good on you! And yes, that means girls and BOYS!

5. The Perfect Outfit

Yes, I know I said no-one would see your outfit…but when you walk in to get your robes and graduation cap everyone will see your outfit then and did you forget? There’s always an after-party! A great outfit is essential! Girls: cocktail or smart dresses with cute shoes! Very formal. Boys: a suit, minus the jacket if it’s hot weather. Or a nice pair of jeans, button up shirt and tie. You’ll thank me for it later!

Graduating soon? Click here to see the requirements to graduate.

Congratulations Graduating Class of April, 2014!

Jasmin Maastricht is a third year Journalism student at USC, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus chapter at USC, as well as being one of the 2013 USC Student Mentor's, freelancing for online publication WeekendNotes and interning for Australia's number one online fashion store, Fashionfile. Her passion is Journalism but besides that, Jasmin has always had a strong interest in fashion and entertainment, completing six weeks of work experience with Noosa 101.3fm Community Radio Station and has had the amazing opportunity of working with Australia's number one teenage lifestyle magazines, DOLLY in April 2011 and again in April 2013 and Girlfriend in February, 2013. She has also scored herself internships with the Sunshine Coast's local newspaper, the Sunshine Coast Daily and with Caboolture News. She has been working with both papers eight months now. She has previously worked with Darby Radcliff with the Her Campus Ole Miss chapter while on exchange in Mississippi as well as working with the M s Observer magazine and has never looked back. Email Jasmin at jasminmaastricht@hercampus.com for any questions or getting involved at Her Campus USC or contact her via social media. HCXO!
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