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How to Spice Up Your Outfit with a Fedora

Picture this: the perfect winter/fall accessory, aka the most super chic Fedora I’ve ever seen, sat right on top of the mannequin head at Banana Republic. You could say it was love at first sight!

If you live in Canada, also known as the world’s coldest country, then you know that trying to look your best during the winter is no easy task, believe me. This is why a cute accessory like this fedora is the perfect way to spice up your attire without even trying.

Get this, the best part about a fedora? It practically goes with anything, well almost everything ‑ maybe not your pajamas, but they do look great with these jeans I bought from American Eagle. Yes I know what you’re thinking, jeans in the wintertime (actually, jeans in any season) are by far one of the most discomforting things ever. Well, not this pair, it is often difficult to find the right pairs of jeans that are both stylish yet comfortable, and I think I lucked out on these. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

The shoes, well they are kind of a different story, perhaps I’ll share that for my next outfit post. I will say this, though, No, I was not uncomfortable, nor was I cold, maybe slightly…

All in all, today has been another killer day. With midterms right around the corner; things are pretty hectic around here. So with this outfit and my new fedora, there is at least something to put a smile on my face. The confidence boost is also a bonus! Hang in there lovelies, see you next time.


Lola Adebogun

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