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ASK HER: How Do I Deal with Infidelity in My Relationship?


Dear HC USASK: If you’ve ever been in a relationship where cheating was involved or knew someone who cheated/was cheated on, I’d love to get your personal advice on what to do when there are signs of infidelity in a relationship.

The Truth:  As stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one is innocent until proven guilty. The first thing you need to do is approach your partner with your concerns. Do you know for sure if cheating is involved? Remember that the most fundamental part of a relationship is communication. Tell your partner how you feel; there is no point in harboring all of these negative thoughts in your head. Why stay in a relationship when you’re just worrying the whole time? Confront the issue head on; you get more resolution that way than by playing detective, which may not be even necessary…

The Alternative: Now all that being said, if you and your covert ninja friends have gathered some concrete evidence (which I’m sure by now you have) that your partner is truly cheating, then honey, your partner is a scoundrel and does not deserve your time. Think about the sleepless nights you are enduring right now, knowing he/she might be cheating, and think about the damage this could have on all other aspects of your life, like your grades and social life. Especially when the fact is that, HELLO, there are tons of fish in the sea! So go and get your fishing rod girl! Seriously, though, ask yourself whether this relationship truly adds meaning to your life or does the very opposite. Is it worth the stress and heartache? Can you forgive your partner for violating your trust? If the answers to all of these questions are NO, then you know it is time to say goodbye to this relationship… take it away Beyoncé!

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