Why Schools Should Require a Class About Life

Throughout our years of education, we’ve been taught about some very important things/skills such as major historical events, how to properly speak/write and how to properly do mental math, etc. However, we have also been taught some things that most of us will never use such as how to calculate the projectile motion of an object or facts about Greek mythology. Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t still be taught those things because it helps to expand a student’s knowledge. It comes in handy when playing Jeopardy (of course), but I can say without hesitation that I have not and most likely will not use more than half of the things that I have learned in my years of schooling in the present as well as the future.

So, what would I actually use? Well, since you don’t have to declare a career path until college (for most people), many people including myself structured high school electives around potential future career options. But what else could really help me as well as so many other students with life? A whole-class devoted to teaching students about different aspects of course!

There once was a home ec-class in almost all high schools as well as some colleges. What happened to them? Yes, enrollment might have been low, but shouldn’t a school administration make it a required class instead of making some other classes a 4-year requirement? Most of the students who I know (including myself), as well as many others, would have much rather taken a home-ec class than taking a language or chemistry. It would have benefited us so much more than any other class. 

People always say that our generation is “screwed” for the future but whose fault is it other than the previous generation? We were and are still not prepared for some things that life will throw at us. Things like taxes, figuring out loans, how to properly buy a house or a car and health insurance are among those things. These issues are becoming very real for me, as a junior in college. I will soon be out in the real world and be an independent adult. Society puts pressure on us to just naturally know these things. Thankfully for me, I have super supportive parents who will help me. But what about other students and people who don’t have that type of support system that I have? 

I can guarantee that every student along the way would and will benefit from taking a class about life called “Life 101.” In this course, students can be taught about everything that comes along with being an adult. Whether it is a high school course or a college-level course, as long as we can be taught some of those skills/tips & tricks, then maybe they won’t be as “screwed” for life as some people think.