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Why Being a Part of a Professional Sorority Is the Best

When I first started college, I had no idea what a professional sorority was. I had little interest in joining a social sorority but after my first-year, I decided I wanted to become more involved on campus, branch out and meet new people. I got tons of emails in my school email daily, but when I saw an email advertising rush events for a professional sorority, I decided to look into it more. After learning more about the organization, I decided to get involved. Initially, I was extremely nervous to go to events and meetings, as it was something I was going into by myself when typically I would try new things with a friend at my side. However, I quickly got to know the other girls rushing with me and having them as a group of friends made the process much easier. Photo by rawpixel.com-Pexels

During the rush process, we spent time learning about the history of the sorority and what it stands for before becomi​ng initiated and active sisters. We practiced our interview skills with the other sisters and tried our hand at planning a fundraising event for the sorority. Throughout this process we also participated in service and professional development events as well as sisterhood activities such as formal and sleepovers. In a short time, we were able see just how much we could get out of the organization by how much we put into it. For me, a professional sorority has been such a wonderful way to step out of my comfort zone and start working towards becoming more confident. By putting myself out there when I was nervous, I found an organization that allowed me to make new friends while also learning about professionalism and doing community service. 

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom-Pexels

Turns out, a professional sorority was exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for. Throughout my time as a sister, I have found an incredible group of women who support each other and work together towards bettering themselves and the community we all share. It is incredibly uplifting to be surrounded by other motivated students in your field of study. If your school has a chapter of a professional sorority in your major, I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and getting involved.

Biological Sciences major at the University of Rhode Island. In my free time you can find me dancing, watching football, or cooking vegetarian meals!
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