What Heartbreak REALLY Feels Like

You know that nothing in your world is going right. You lay in bed all day, and the only time you get up is to get more Ben & Jerry's from the freezer. 

If you feel like you are overreacting about heartbreak, you’re not. Along with mental pain, there’s some physical pain that comes with heartbreak. 


What Heartbreak Actually Is

Let's get scientific here, heartbreak is the stress or pain one experiences after a deep love or loss of a loved one. The brain registers the emotional pain of a heartbreak, the same way as physical pain. There is a hormone called “Cortisol” that makes stress levels skyrocket. 

You have low energy to do anything, one major symptom is Depression, short or long term.  

If you have ever lost someone or gone through a tough breakup, you know it's physical pain just as much as it is mental pain.

Physical Symptom of Heartbreak 

You would never think that with a heartbreak, comes physical pain. The physical pain of heartbreak is caused when the left ventricle in the heart is ‘stunned’ which causes heart-attack like symptoms. 

Fun Fact: The scientific name for heartbreak is called “Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy”

Physical symptoms can range from vomiting to hypersomnia. 


Let Yourself Be Sad

Don’t bottle up your emotions, let yourself mourn. Cry, drink wine, watch movies. You need to give yourself time to get over your ex. 


Go Out With Your Friends and Make Some Memories 

As much as you are going to want to stay in, go out and make memories with your best friends. I know you are not going to want to go out, but go!


Stop Blaming Yourself!

Don't bite at yourself. Remember all the good memories that you two created.