Types of People During the First Day of Classes

The first week of classes has the power to bring out a huge range of feelings from students. There are a few predominant groups that you will be sure to encounter while walking campus on the first week back.

  1. 1. The Early Risers 

    These are the people who purposefully take all 8eight am classes because they "like to wake up early". They hop out of bed, of course leaving enough time for breakfast. They are done with all of their classes for the day by 12pm, and they are always confused about the ability of other students to attend late classes. These are the students you will see walking into their morning classes with coffee in hand- because they like the taste, not because they need caffeine.

  2. 2. The Early-Attenders

    These students are seen swiftly strolling to each of their classes at least 20 minutes early. They sit outside their classroom door before any other students have even left their dorms. They likely have their laptop and notebook ready in their arms, excited for what lessons are to be taught. If you want to get better at being early to class, hang out with this group.

  3. 3. The "There Was Class Today?" Folk

    Contrary to the Early-Attenders, these students are caught sneaking into class 20 minutes late. They try their best to make it to an open seat while the professor is facing the board. They were probably sleeping before class and the only reason they woke up was that they received a text from a classmate (the grade-saver) reading, "WHERE ARE YOU?!". 

  4. 4. The Grade-Saver

    These people focus on themselves, sure, but they also make it their responsibility to learn the schedules and daily happenings of their friends. They are often called the "parents" of the group because they keep everyone in line. They will make sure their friends have eaten in between their classes, and they certainly will make sure your nap time does not overstay it's welcome. 

  5. 5. The Gains Group

    These are the people who go to school for the gym and sometimes for classes. They are constantly in gym clothes, ready to break into pushups at any given moment. They're always seen at the gym, and when they are in class, you can tell they are checking the clock for the next weight lifting session. They inspire me to work out every time I see them.

Every type of student makes college a fun and unique experience, and it would not be nearly as interesting if everyone was the same. Be yourself, and you will find the people you are meant to spend your time with! I hope you had a great first day of classes, and have a great spring semester!