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Struggles All URI Students Know To Be True

There are some things that just go along with life as a student at URI. Our weeks wouldn’t be complete without at least a few of the following struggles.

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1. The Hill

We’ve all had moments where walking to the top of campus feels like hiking Everest. Is there anything worse than getting to class and having to try to hide just how out of shape you are and how bad that trek kicked your butt?

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2. The Shuttle

If you don’t want to walk everywhere, luckily the shuttle is an option. But the shuttle can be just as difficult as walking on some days. If your timing isn’t right you could miss the bus you wanted and end up stuck waiting even longer for the one you want to arrive. There’s also those times of the day when every single Hill Climber is packed. 

Photo By Jean Balzon-Pexels

3. When Brickley’s Closes for the Season

We’re blessed with incredible ice cream so close to campus, but when the weather gets too cold and Brickley’s closes their doors for the winter, it’s a sad day for all Rams. I know I could eat their ice cream no matter how cold it gets. 

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4. Finding the Perfect Spot in the Library

When it’s time to be productive and get work done, the library is the place to be. But when many others have the same idea it can be a struggle to find the best spot to settle down for a few hours. It always seems to be when your laptop is dying that all the tables near outlets are taken. 

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5. The Rain

There’s something about Tuesdays this semester that just means it’s going to downpour. Rainy days on campus are becoming frequent occurrences so keeping an umbrella on hand is never a bad idea.


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