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The Skincare Commandments

We understand how it feels to only be in college and already have a favorite eye cream for those pre-aging jitters. Although your 30's are well known for the practice of beauty regimens, your 20's is when they matter the most.

Creating a diligent skincare routine is quite difficult, on top of every other responsibility of being a human and a college student. But think of your skin as an investment for the future, and the more you do for it now, the more benefits you'll receive. 

Although skincare regimens are underappreciated for this time of your life, it's crucial to have the knowledge about what makes a routine so productive and how to apply it to your own skin type in the right order.

1. If you wear any type of makeup and/or sunscreen, evenings are the most important time to bring your skin back to life after a long day. Use makeup remover prior to using a cleanser, ensuring the skin has direct contact with the wash. 


2. Once the skin is cleansed and free of makeup residue, follow up with a toner. This step seems to be neglected more so than others, simply because of not knowing of its many benefits. Toners are most widely recommended to those who struggle with oily or acne prone skin to relieve clogged pores. However, if this isn't necessarily your skin type, toners eliminate any remaining dirt and makeup to follow up your cleanser. Feeling extra refreshed is just a plus in itself!


3. For the nighttime, the third step consists of applying that eye cream. The under-eyes is an extremely delicate area which is why it's applied first, to protect it from other serums, dermatologist prescribed treatments and creams that you apply next. For the daytime, reverse this step - serums before eye cream.


4. Once all treatments are complete at night, an optional step at this point in your routine is a face mask or face oil. Hydration is KEY.

5. Follow up with a lightweight moisturizer to lock in all of your hard work, in preparation for a replenishing sleep. For the daytime, use a moisturizer with SPF or follow up with a non-greasy sunscreen as your last step. Protecting your skin while keeping it hydrated is the best possible combination. 

Fill in these steps with your trusty products and teach yourself the science behind the art of skincare - your 30's will certainly thank you!


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