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A Senior’s Last Semester, as Told by Amy Schumer

The last year of the best couple of years of our lives.

Coming to the realization that we’re graduating and moving on to the real world is quite nerve racking. Some of us, myself included, are simply in denial that the year is coming to an end, and we’ll be walking across a stage in a few months–hopefully not tripping in front of everyone–to recieve an empty box that will eventually hold our diplomas.


1. People start asking you about your plans post-grad

2. But you’re not sure because you’re still trying to just pass your classes (even if it involves sucking up to your professors)

3. If we’re being honest, you haven’t even started thinking about your plans for the future

4. You constantly ignore the graduation emails because you refuse to admit it’s really happening

5. You question how you’re supposed to be a full time adult in just a few short months

6. You tweak your resume on the regular to make it look as full with experience as possible

7. You start to think post-grad life might not be as bad as it seems

8. Until you get sad because you don’t want to leave your college friends

9. So you spend as much time as possible with them, drinking those sorrows away

10. Then senioritis kicks it into full gear

11. And you stop being a prodcutive member of society

12. Until you realize you still dont have a job lined up

13. So you try to push adulting to the side, for the sake of your own sanity

14. That way you can take full advantage of the time you have left before the real world

15. You can worry about post-grad once post-grad comes, right?

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