Phone Cleanse Part One

We all know it, we all have heard it thousands of times, we are all living it: we are living in a crazy time. With Coronavirus in full (and treacherous) swing, life is definitely quite different than it had been just a month ago. The URI HerCampus crew can no longer meet on campus, my dorm room is empty, and I am contained to the comfort of my house. At first, I feared the quarantine idea. I am always out and about,  probably at the beach. What would I do without being able to explore the outdoors? Without being able to meet new people? 

Apparently, I found the answer. Go on my phone. I saw my screen time increase, increase, and increase some more. I was feeling sluggish and on Tik Tok much more than I thought healthy, so I decided to challenge myself. I want to spend this time to grow into something better than I had been before the quarantine. I sent my friends a quick text that said,

“Hey, I have been on my phone wayyyy too much. I am gonna phone cleanse for the week. I’ll miss ya, but talk to ya soon. Make people smile and have some good adventures to tell me about.”

a bunch of books Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

And I was off! On a Monday at midnight, I turned my phone off. It is now Wednesday, and I miss texting my friends. The hardest part is seeing something that reminds me of my bestie, and not being able to text her about it immediately. I can’t make Tik Toks when I get a funny idea, my friend can't teach me the “Arabic word of the day”, and I can’t easily look up a question that pops into my head. I have to use my laptop to check the time in the morning, and I have no clue if someone is trying to get in touch with me. All of this is true, and I thought it would make me go crazy by the end of the week, but truthfully, it has been quite freeing. 

I have started a workout routine with my mom- we are going strong! I have started reading much more frequently, and my journal is filling faster than it has in a while. I’ve painted, spent more time with my cat, and gone for car rides with my dad. I experimented more in the kitchen; today’s work of art was buffalo cauliflower. My schoolwork has been done not only earlier than the due date, much much more clearly, and I am more proud of the work I am producing. I am also spending time to myself, which helps escape COVID-induced stresses. 

So far, I feel as if this phone cleanse is one of the best decisions I have made since the start of quarantine. I am excited to rekindle with the people I am not able to see face-to-face, and I think it is important for us to stay connected during these trying times, but I definitely recommend taking some time to yourself, away from your phone, and see what benefits come with it!

a pink neon Max van den Oetelaar | Unsplash