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As November begins, we are half-way through the semester. With midterms just finishing, many thoughts start to come to mind, mostly about the semester ending. Here’s what most of us are thinking right about now:

Wow, this semester flew by.

            Then you realize you’re only half way done…

Should I start the semester-long assignment from the first day of class?

            Eh, still got time.

I think I’ll call my family.

Am I the only one who misses my dog this much?

            Time to make another phone call.

Is it thanksgiving break yet?

What about Christmas break?

Summer is so far away…

Is it too late to drop this class?

I’m getting sick of this whole “homework” thing…

“What is the minimum grade I could get on this and still pass the class?”

This teacher better offer extra credit…

Where did all my money go?

Too late to start going to the gym?


I need more sleep.

            *Watches Netflix till 3am*




I'm a sophomore business major at URI. I'm from River Edge, New Jersey. I find joy in surrounding myself with my favorite people and making the best out of every situation. But i also find joy in eating food and laying in my bed.
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