Keep the Change

When I was younger I was scared of change. I loved routine and always wanted things to stay the same. Before I learned to read, I saw a sign in front of my family's house and started crying. I assumed it meant that we were selling our home. When my mom explained to me that it was simply a sign to support a candidate in a local election, I quickly calmed down and realized that I did not have to change houses. When a big change is on the horizon, it is easy to become intimidated and shy away from the unknown. As easy as it is to hide from change, it is always inevitable.

Photo from Pexels

Throughout the application process for my semester abroad, I had many moments where I became scared of change. Leaving home while all of my friends and family continued life, as usual, was a scary thought. Even as I was on the flight to Dublin I was questioning if I was making the right decision. However, what I have learned, not only from my time abroad but also from my entire college experience, is that change is good and healthy. Without change, we can not grow. Resisting change has only ever set me back. When I look at the moments in my life that have had the biggest and most positive impacts on me, they are typically preceded by nerves and doubts. Pushing through those fears brings something incredible. 

This past weekend I went on a trip with my study abroad program. They organized surfing lessons for our group in the northwest part of the country. Surfing is something I have always thought about trying but never followed through on. It was easy to make excuses such as the cost, the fear of injury or being intimidated by others. However, this experience pushed me to finally do it. I had an absolute blast. Now, with the first lesson out of the way I am determined to follow up on this new sport.

Photo from Pexels

Sometimes it takes a little help, but making a change in your life can have such a positive impact.

From something as big as deciding to spend a semester abroad to something as small as starting a new hobby, making a change can be intimidating. The fear of what others may think to the way it will impact your life, all bubble up and may make you want to not follow through. The more change and growth I experience, the more motivated I am to continue to push myself and try new things. Change is inevitable, so we might as well embrace it.