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So if you spend quite a bit of your time browsing for your newest show or movie, you’ve probably run across Netflix’s Insatiable. A lot of people were skeptical of the premise of the show as it revolves around a previously-overweight teen turned beauty queen. Now, you can probably assume why a good portion of people had a difficult time with that concept and quite frankly, I agree. 

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WARNING: Stop here if you wish to avoid spoilers! Also, stop here if you suffer from an eating disorder or at least read it with a friend.

I decided to give the show a chance and made my way through Season One. It was ridiculously dramatic and I kind of just put it on in the background while doing homework or cooking dinner. The last episode or two was rather murderous in nature and I will admit, I was intrigued. I thought maybe this show is going in a different direction that isn’t so negative towards body image and more towards entertainment.

When Season Two came out, I was curious as to what would transpire after there were two murders and an attempted kidnapping that ended off the last season. If you haven’t watched it yet… please don’t waste your time! The second season was absolutely awful, but I watched it for you guys. There was murder after murder after murder! There were numerous coverups that were flawed and numerous coverups that should have just been called in as self-defense. It was even more murderous in nature than the last few episodes of the first season. There were some funny moments, but also, the whole throuple gone bad subplot was just atrocious and I wish it was never even introduced in the first season nor should it have been continued in the second. The whole show is honestly, just awful! Not to mention the cover-up on Netflix’s part where the main character (yeah, the one who murders literally everyone on the show) takes on a “little sister” in a community program and teaches her about self-confidence. The younger girl was a bit heavier and wished to be more like the main character who then told her not to care about her weight and just be happy. The beauty queen basically says that losing all of her weight by breaking her jaw made her a murdering monster because she didn’t have to put in all the work to lose her extra weight. Yeah… I don’t know where Netlflix was going with that whole play. It’s just atrocious and all of that doesn’t even cover how messed up the weight loss story in the first season was. Someone who is considered overweight gets punched in the jaw by a homeless man while trying to get more food and loses a whole bunch of weight. After losing the weight, she gets a hot guy and starts winning all of these beauty pageants. OH! It gets worse! She then goes on to continue her binge-eating which is actually a disorder that Netflix decided to ignore until the second season entirely except they also throw in an excessive amount of exercise as her “purge”. I could go on forever and ever about how atrocious this show really is, but all you need to know is not to waste your time!

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