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How You Can Become a More Positive Person

We all have those days where we just aren’t feeling so positive. Whatever it is that’s got us down just seems to take over everything. This can be hard to deal with, and I’ve learned that we create our own happiness and positivity. If we let the negative things take over our lives, we’ll never find happiness. Here a few easy ways to become a more positive person.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you’re upset about something, stop and think for a second. Will this matter in five years? In five years, you won’t care if you didn’t get that one job you really wanted, or didn’t do well on the one exam. When you really put things in perspective, the small things seem like absolutely nothing.

2. Always be grateful at the end of the day.

Even if you had a horrible day and you felt like the world just kept throwing negativity at you, don’t buy into it. Always take a few minutes at the end of every day to be grateful. When you start thinking about all the wonderful blessings in your life, you’ll realize that most of the negative things in the world don’t even matter. Taking time just to be thankful will always remind you that you really do have it good.

3. Be nicer to the people around you.

I’m definitely a firm believer in the fact that you get back the energy that you put into the world. Put positive energy out there and positivity you will receive. Put negativity out there and negativity you will receive. Being a nice person is so important, because you never know what someone else is going through. Simple gestures can make someone’s day!

4. Wake up each day with the mindset that it’s going to be a great day.

Don’t wake up the day of a big exam and think about failing it. Wake up refreshed and thinking about how prepared you are to grab the day by the ears and make it yours. 

Hannah is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of URI's chapter of Her Campus. She will graduate from the University of Rhode Island in 2019 with a BA in Communication Studies and a double minor in Business and Writing/Rhetoric. Hannah grew up in York, Maine and followed her love for the ocean to Rhode Island for her undergraduate degree. You can usually find her at the beach with SPF 75 in hand or trying to master a new yoga pose. Check out her Instagram (hannah.k.will) to keep up!
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