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Five Steps to a Bright Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is typically a pretty hectic time of year. The semester is coming to a close, finals are ahead, the weather is always changing, and the holidays are right around the corner, but hey, it is time we take a minute to remember what Thanksgiving means. The word itself breaks down to “thanks” and “giving”. It is time we take these words to heart and make to sure give thankful energy to people around us as well as ourselves. Here are a few simple steps to making this upcoming Thanksgiving merry and bright!

Wake Up with a Genuinely Grateful Heart

Take a nice deep breath to clear your morning mind and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Stretch your arms out and welcome Thanksgiving! I have a gratitude penny pouch that keeps me grateful even when the holiday season is not in full swing, and I fully recommend getting one. Every time I find a penny, I pick it up and think of how grateful I am for something or someone. I then add it to the collection in my penny pouch. Whenever I feel like I need a mood boost, I look at my pouch and the pennies within it and remember everything in my life for which I can be grateful!

Show Your Family and Friends How Thankful You Are.

Place-cards are quick and easy to make but make everyone’s day. I usually take index cards and adorn them with the names of the family who I spend the day with. I write personalized notes on the lined side of the card. It is a simple surprise, but I believe it means a lot to the receivers, and it is a great way for me to show them how much they mean to me!

Skip the Turkey!

This Thanksgiving, consider all there is to be grateful for that does not involve killing an animal for food. It puts into perspective how much nature has to offer harmlessly. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, and it is difficult to embrace thankfulness in a pure way when eating an animal who died for a Thanksgiving meal. While you sit at the table to eat, maybe with friends, maybe with family, or maybe in the gratefulness of solitude, say aloud what makes you thankful. The spirit of the whole room will be lifted, and you may inspire others to do the same.

Step Away From Your Phone

It is time to be with family. Take pictures and keep in contact with friends and family who are not with you, but do not forget to live in the moment with the people who surround you. I notice that some of the best memories I have from my life have occurred when I put my phone away and live in the moment without technology as a distraction.

Thankfully End the Day

At night, before falling asleep, close your eyes. Take a deep breath again, much like the one you took in the morning. This time, think of all of the beautiful events that happened throughout the day. Really soak in the beauties of the day, and know it does not have to be a perfect day to have wonderful moments. Allow this grateful energy to radiate throughout your body, and fall asleep with this light. You will wake up ready for a new day, ready for life and love.

Hopefully, now you will be ready to enjoy the holiday without a ton of stress! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi! My name is Alyssa Houlis, and I am a sophomore. I am an animal science and writing and rhetoric major, and I am excited to combine writing with my scientific studies. You will probably catch me chilling outdoors, painting, or skating!
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