Dorm Room Food Ideas

Almost all people come into college thinking they are bound to gain the dreadful “Freshman Fifteen." With the lack of your own kitchen, your parents home cooked meals and access to healthy options, everyone is nervous about gaining weight. However, even if your dining hall food isn’t gourmet or doesn’t have the healthiest options, there are some easy healthy alternatives you can keep in your room to snack on when you get hungry during the day, or even on those late nights.

For starters, I am no health expert, however, I do like to be mindful of what I eat and am always looking for new ideas to try out. Some of my favorite basic go-to snacks to have in my dorm are things like almonds, rice cakes, peanut butter, crackers, yogurt and for something salty, pretzels! These few snacks are just something little that can hold me over until my next meal while also curving any of my cravings.

When it comes to breakfast, this is a meal I rarely go to the dining hall for. Whether it’s because I don’t get up early enough or I’m not a fan of the breakfast options, I usually prefer to have this meal in my room. Some of my go-to breakfasts are oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter and banana or oatmeal with frozen fruit. With a meal like this, I am fueled and focused for my first class and able to hold myself over for a couple hours until lunch time.

Another good breakfast idea that can easily be made in the comfort of your dorm room is protein yogurt. For this, I usually take vanilla or plain yogurt and then mix in a dash of protein powder, of your choice of course! I prefer chocolate, and when I’m in the mood for a little crunch, I’ll sprinkle in some granola. This extra dash of protein keeps me filled for a long day ahead. You also can always throw some berries in with your yogurt too, or if you have access to a blender in your room throw your yogurt, berries and protein powder in and make a smoothie for on the go!

Other healthier options to have in your room are canned soup, tuna and even egg whites. These are all really good things that don’t expire for a while and can fill your tummy. Don’t worry, not everyone is always going to eat perfectly, balance is key and the “Freshman Fifteen” is not always guaranteed. Hopefully, these ideas can be helpful and give you a few more snacks to add into your room!