Coping with Homesickness

If you’re like me, you chose a school as far away as possible from home, not because you don’t like your family, but because they had the best program. In fact, I am someone who loves my family and didn’t want to leave home at all. I grew up in a somewhat protected bubble but it was something I didn’t mind because I was also exposed to different cultures by food and travel. 

When I go home for break or even a week and I have to come back, I dread it. The week right after break is by far the hardest week because it is so hard to transition back to school life. I think of it as, I am living in two worlds, one with my family and one where my independence is prominent.

Some things that have helped me get back into my groove are FaceTiming my family members, talking to friends who relate, focus on studying, hanging out with friends, trying not to be alone or even talking to a school counselor.

Coming back after this most recent break, I saw something change in myself. I had trouble sleeping, I didn’t have an appetite and I was tearing up a lot. I found myself thinking a lot about my family and my decision to move so far away. But then I realized I came to this school for one reason, to get my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. I keep telling myself one semester at a time and make the most out of my time here because time moves faster when you’re having fun. If you’re ever having trouble at school or you’re homesick, don’t keep it to yourself. As much as you don’t like talking to people, it really helps.