The Best Places To Eat Around URI

Let’s be honest, food is one of your *top* priorities.

Since the dining hall food isn't the best, finding good takeout food becomes a matter of life and death. After three years of being at URI and eating at MANY different places around campus, I’d like to say I have a pretty good idea of the best places to get food around campus.

To make your lives a little easier I've compiled a list of the best places to get different types of food in in Kingston, Narragansett, and Wakefield. 


Sushi-Go, Wakefield

Sushi-Go is *amazing* grocery store sushi inside of Belmont Market. Yes, supermarket sushi sounds gross but I can promise you it’s not. They have a great menu and it’s super easy to walk in, grab some sushi, and go. They always have the popular orders prepared and can also make any special order you'd like.


Pier Pizza Co, Wakefield

I’m sorry, but being from Jersey I find it really hard to get a good slice of pizza around URI. The best pizza I’ve had so far is from Pier Pizza. It’s authentic New York-style brick oven pizza. God bless a little bit of NYC in Rhode Island.


Tony's Pizzeria & Ristorante, Wakefield

Tony’s is probably one of my favorite restaurants around URI. Not only is the pizza good, but the wings are the best I’ve ever had in my life. No joke. To make it even better, they have half priced wings on Tuesdays!

Ice Cream

Brickley’s Ice Cream, Wakefield/Narragansett

Brickley’s is all the rage in Rhode Island. I needed to see what all the hype was about, so obviously I had to go and get a homemade waffle cone. I can definitely say that I now understand the hype. Not only is the ice cream amazing (and there are 45 delicious flavors to choose from), but the waffle cones are to die for.


Peking Tokyo, Kingston

A lot of people have different opinions regarding the food at Peking Tokyo but I’m actually a pretty big fan of their food. Not only do they have Chinese food, they also have sushi. Although its not as good as Sushi-Go, the sushi from Peking Tokyo is actually pretty good. My favorite thing to get here is the Chicken Lo Mein, and I’m actually craving it right now. Not to mention they have really good prices.


I-Zone URI, Kingston

I-Zone is hands down the best place to get a calzone at URI, don’t believe what anyone else says! Before coming to URI I never knew how excited people got about calzones, but I quickly became one of those people after eating I-Zone calzones religiously my entire freshman year. Although Kingston Pizza often has a buy one get one free calzone deal, they just don’t stack up. Sorry!


Tilly's Cheesesteaks, West Kingston

Cheesesteaks are an underrated food item that I think everyone needs to appreciate more. Tilly’s has a bunch of great cheesesteaks on the menu, but you can also build your own. Their cheesesteaks also come with amazing tortilla chips. Not to mention they have milkshakes that come with a donut on the straw. No words.


Mia’s Kitchen, Kingston

If you’re looking for a great sit-down hungover Sunday breakfast, Mia’s is the place for you. They have a huge selection of breakfast food that is all amazing. Whether you want pancakes, eggs, a breakfast sandwich or a waffle, they have it all here. 


Crazy Burger, Narragansett

Crazy Burger is a pretty popular place in Narragansett that I couldn’t stop hearing people talk about so I finally went. Of course, they’re known for their burgers (hence the name), but they also have a lot of other interesting things on the menu including breakfast.

Late night craving

Albie's Place, Kingston

After a crazy night out or a lazy night in, if you’re craving an unhealthy late-night meal Albie’s is 100% the best option. They literally have any type of junk food you could ever want; cheese fries, hot dogs, nachos, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks and not to mention their “phat sandwiches”. The thing I miss most about living on campus is being able to get Albie’s delivered to my dorm.